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Get stronger, stay strong as you age
with 46 64 Fitness!

Our Vision

To empower individuals through personalized  exercise programs designed to enhance mobility, strengthen muscles, and improve overall well-being, especially catering to bariatric patients and those seeking non-surgical, muscle strengthening solutions.


“Ruth helped me pinpoint why I wanted to work with a personal trainer and help me set realistic goals. In just 3 months I am already seeing super results. She can quickly adapt a session when I  show up with a minor injury from other activities. I now have more stamina and have strengthened and increased my shoulder and hip mobility (something I wasn’t able to correct on my own). What I really like is the stretching time she has for our sessions—it keeps me from getting overly sore from the training. Working with Ruth has boosted my energy levels, helps me sleep better, improve my balance, and be stronger than I have been in the last 5 years”.

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